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Red Maple Auto Service Center is a car repair center with high-quality service and reputation in the Toronto area. We have served the community for many years, Belongs to one of the early Chinese car dealers. Has an excellent reputation in the Chinese community.

We provide body repair services for many dealers. We have the most advanced equipment, original car body repair technology and high-quality service to create for customers.


We have extensive experience in auto insurance claims. In Ontario, we are the designated repair center of many insurance companies. Regarding insurance claims processing, we will provide one-stop services for towing, car rental, and car repair. We will give you a high cash rebate or reduce the guarantee fee (or even free) according to your policy limit.

Xian Auto Car Dealership and Smart Horse Car rental are our biggest business partners. They provide services such as used car sales, vehicle maintenance, car rental, and much more.

Fixing the Car
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